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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Entertaining How-to: an item you already have can save guests from mystery dip + an impressive homemade gift.

Uncommon uses for common things. There was quite a spread and I had five minutes to figure out how to label each of the different dips before hungry adults would be knocking on the door. If everything is clearly marked, no palette would be offended by mystery dip experimentation.  A marker and clothes pins did nicely. All guests were now safe; Every vegetable destined for the muncher's choice of hummus, blue cheese, goddess, or cowboy ranch dip. There are very few items I'm convinced have only one use. I challenge you to name some other clever and quick entertaining tricks.

Homemade gifts are always welcome. This wrapper is just outright cool and deceives at first--it is so professional it's hard to believe it is handmade. The writing is so precise it is typographic; Now that's a font I would buy. The list of ingredients tops off a perfect homemade gift that is both personal and clearly made with love. The packaging was so impressive it seemed a shame to open. However, that worry was quickly pushed aside for an inspection of the gorgeous bread that was contained within. 

{Give a shout out to the birthday boy @worldofbarbee. Take a listen to the breadmaker's band The Helping Hands here.}

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