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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Celebrity Stationery Shopping

There is nothing more fun than cruising the aisles of the stationery store, looking for that special card or invitation for that certain someone or event. I love my job and I like to imagine all of the special moments that my little pieces of artwork have witnessed. Sentiments shared, thank you's made... And it is no secret that I love me some good celebrity scoop while simultaneously thrilled that there are no photogs following me around to get my morning makeup-free-hair-crazy-pillow-creased-face-coffee-run on film and then plaster it all up on the internet. I am thankful it is a part of someone else's job.

In the spirit of celebrity voyerism, I give you the first entry of Celebrity Stationery Shopping. This is a special edition, with both celebs shopping in stores where my line, Owen Says Paper & Gifts, is carried.

Hally Berry @ Kate's Paperie
in New York City on May 31, 2006. (source)

A then-pregnant Katie Holmes @ Soolip Paperie
in West Hollywood on April 07, 2006. (source)

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(click image for larger view)

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Crafty Wonderland - what I did this sunday in Portland

Today I visited Crafty Wonderland @ the Doug Fir in Portland, Oregon. A monthly showcase of kickin artists and crafters.

I coveted these gorgeous layered resin pendants made by a really talented lady by the name of Faryn Davis from Seattle. Check out her website Fernworks to see her very special jewelry and artwork. They are definately one of my next purchases. I love the new colorful hand painted layered bird and grass themes. (not shown)

Unfortunately I spent all my loot yesterday on mother's day gifts (retro black and lime travel umbrella, special no-sweat garden gloves and a chocolate cupcake) and the most beautiful pair of shoes I just had to own, an unusual occurance for this very picky and usually cheap girl.

My mad-money budget being only $5, I decided on the 3 hand painted button pins made by painter Madoka Ito. She also had some really great original artwork on display in the style shown  here.

Today I will also visit Post Secret -- an online art blog project that intended to be temporary, but instead has spawned art shows, books, and a cult following. Always facinating and updated every Sunday.

Monday, May 01, 2006

A website more committed than work, friends or family

oh Wish List, let me count the books i will never buy. 85 in total dating back to November 29, 1999. my longest stretch of employment did not last this long.

Here's to the next wonderful years of my life - may it be full of Dr. Phil books that tempt with suggestion that life can be fixed with a car-mechanic-like workbook, GenX novellas, collections of random things by theme, illustration books by people I want to be, and recipes I will never make. a list filled with people who have written books i have never read. gone from the list are my favorite authors -- i already read all their books. I "borrowed" them (permanently) from my brothers or bought them at Good Will, or on impulse, at Powell's Books.

oh Wish List. maybe this will be the year I add items of deep literary substance. thought provoking works, classics, books that fill the deeping gap of where education failed. well, maybe not.

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