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Monday, May 01, 2006

A website more committed than work, friends or family

oh Wish List, let me count the books i will never buy. 85 in total dating back to November 29, 1999. my longest stretch of employment did not last this long.

Here's to the next wonderful years of my life - may it be full of Dr. Phil books that tempt with suggestion that life can be fixed with a car-mechanic-like workbook, GenX novellas, collections of random things by theme, illustration books by people I want to be, and recipes I will never make. a list filled with people who have written books i have never read. gone from the list are my favorite authors -- i already read all their books. I "borrowed" them (permanently) from my brothers or bought them at Good Will, or on impulse, at Powell's Books.

oh Wish List. maybe this will be the year I add items of deep literary substance. thought provoking works, classics, books that fill the deeping gap of where education failed. well, maybe not.

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