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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Art Innovator : Ghost Patrol Pencil Sets

Ghost Patrol pencil sets make my heart flutter. The clever and unusual use of shaved down pencils as a canvas pairs perfectly with the artist's touching and fantastical style.
Leaving Pencil Forest
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Hostage, Throat Cut
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hyper coustume
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reaching key
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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Gotta have it: Becky OH! Handbags

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Becky OH! makes one hell of a handbag. Her one-of-a-kind creations are available in a number of different styles; each with thoughtful details like bamboo handles, contrast zippers, and punchy pattern pairings. Recently interviewed as part of the ambitious and well curated The Bright Side Project--and currently participating in a mighty fine giveaway--Becky O. settled in New Hampshire where she lives with her husband, after traveling five of the seven seas. 
{a chance to win} Read an interview with Becky and enter her giveaway @ The Bright Side Project

{shop online} Be sure to stop by the Becky OH! website and shop the full line of purses, clutches, cosmetic bags, and other products.

All photos c/o Becky OH! and The Bright Side Project.

Inspiration: Vintage Family Photos

Are digital cameras impacting the American tradition of the classic family portrait?

Selected photos from my family album: My mom, Lake Tahoe 1958; my great-grandmother; my grandmother; my dad in uniform; my mom (before her friends had eyebrow intervention-yes really) with my brother and sister; my mom and her identical twin sister, brother and father; my dad and his family looking snappy

I am going to miss the differences in film (bye-bye polaroid... sigh) and photographic style that we all cherish in our favorite photos from the past. I worry that with all the new cameras and software, family photographs are going to look a whole lot alike and the next generation will not be able to see the changes in the world and technology advances through images in quite the same way .

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