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Thursday, March 05, 2009

:: red :: pops everywhere

It's undeniable, the color red is no wallflower. Poppies, fire, strawberries and stop signs- red is the old standby to add an "exclamation point" to just about anything. Red creates icons with a shade of lipstick or on upholstered chair. 

Lately I've been noticing vibrant red popping up everywhere, from Oscars dresses to interior design. Why not paired with library-cool frocks & leathers (ala Prada) or neutrals (C. Kane)? Not ready for an all red kitchen, well then maybe take a chance on the retro styled mixer. Be brave with red.

{red in my life} 
on my wall: painting by Ian Nicholas
on my wrist: perky vintage bracelet
in my hood: red cargo van

{my inspiration}
I happened upon this vintage coffee press for sale in The Estate Store's virtual storefront. I started to collect a folder of bookmarks titled 'red' to keep ideas organized for this post. 

credits & links for main graphic: clockwise from boots: 

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