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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Uncluttered stainless fridge door no more, grocery lists come out of hiding

I love stainless fridges - but all those cool magnet and magnet-backed products don't work on stainless surfaces. So I was excited when last year at The National Stationery Show I came across the colorful and unique Happeez product line of clips, notepads, + frames. 
On my fridge: a doodle "teddies like breakfasts", a cloth-covered frame with a photo of me and my eldest brother, and a notepad for jotting down notes and grocery lists.  

The Happeez products will gladly stick to stainless, tile, glass, and just about anything else without a lick of residue. From their website: "Revolutionary material grips to slick surfaces, including stainless steel refrigerators, with no residue. Stick and restick again and again." How does it grip to all those surfaces? I have not idea! It is such amazing stuff that it is patent pending. I love my set in the Mod Dot pattern and I made fast fans of the recipients (and jealous friends) of the Happeez products I have gifted. Rid yourself of empty fridge door syndrome - get your own Happeez products.

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