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Friday, April 28, 2006

New commissioned illustration for KABOO Radio Guide

When it rains it pours! There are a lot of interesting little projects going on right now. Recently I was commissioned (by my sister-in-law Leigh Anne!) to create this illustration for the upcoming KABOO Radio program guide. It will accompany information on the show she is hosting discussing Princess themes in children's media and traditional fairy tales.
Topics will include how the princesses (and princes) have stereotyped roles that are revisited again and again in different stories, as well as the current facination with and popularity of the princess theme within today's hip kiddie culture.

Sure to be a button pushing Disney-centric discussion about how princesses aren't fullfilled until princes save them from a life of slavery or sleeping and how princes are man-boys until they have found the woman to give them direction. It is going to be really cool, so check it out!

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