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Friday, April 21, 2006

Eat like a gourmet for under $5. Moxie Rx's yummy tomato tartlet

Tomato and goat cheese tartlet with white bean salad
@  Moxie Rx, N. Mississippi Ave Portland      $4.50

Eating well on a budget can be hard. I have tried to convince myself that coffee and an oatmeal cookie constitutes a meal. (There is some logic to this when the cookie is larger than your hand.) Other times it seems that a slice of pizza or fast food (gasp!) are the only options for a quick bite that doesn't leave you without any money left to do happy hour that night with your friends.

Enter the Moxie Rx food cart,
located on N. Mississippi Ave. in the lot next to the Fresh Pot Coffee Shop. Each scrumptious item is worth every penny and is made fresh with the best ingredients. Another plus - you will be supporting another local small business. Nancye is the owner and genius behind ever single delicacy. If you haven't already visited for an affordable meal or snack you are missing out bigtime. Options include breakfast, lunch, homemade muffins and scones, cookies, smoothies and more. Currently only open Fri-Sun, but better weather will bring additional days.

Read about Moxie Rx in this week's Willamette Week.

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