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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Your childhood doll just became high art - The Barbie Doll Portrait Project

I admit, as a child I was not into Barbie dolls. I would buy them at yard sales, cut their hair and discard them. 

Far more joy was found in the purchase of the Barbie Star Traveller Motorhome -- which I sat on top of and rode like a skate board down the street. I was too much of a tomboy for Barbie, and thought that Skipper should have had a better backstory and more accessories. It was a travesty that Barbie's dog was so silly looking. But Barbie just got arty.

These series of photographs, known as The Barbie Doll Portrait Project ignites a Barbie passion that I lacked as a child and tickles the vintage loving photography enthusiast in me.  For 52-weeks a collectible Barbie doll was transformed into portraits with details about her hair, clothes and story. "Here was an opportunity to FIND ART in the form of a reclaimed mid-century icon." [from website] 

The blog features post after post of delicious portraits of Barbie and some impressive vintage hairdos and finery. Look at the detail on the handbag! When you find an image you can't walk away from you can buy 10 cards and envelopes for $15.00 and frame a little Barbie vignette on your wall. Be sure to include your favorite Barbie enthusiast. Or you might create a convert, much like myself.

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