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Monday, February 23, 2009

Social Media: My take

Maybe you haven't heard of  Twitter or think that this new world of Social Media does not have a place for you and your business. 

Are you happy enough that the website shows up on Google and that your webdesigners tell you your site is cutting edge -- nevermind how effective it is.. or how much you invested last year with no return. It's not important (you hope) because everyone in your industry pays attention to {press} {shows} {etc}. You see Twitter as another source of media clutter that will just sit there mockingly, like your spam-filled email box and endless Facebook friend updates. Stay with this line of thinking and you might miss out. Or worse, you might give your core audience the idea that your brand thinks it is too cool or doesn't care-- if you continue to dump money into a website that nobody visits you should understand why that is.

And while Twitter is growing and there are many companies utilizing it well, media outlets writing about it, and politicians pulling out their mobile phones in the middle of a presidential speech; There is still this stigma and disinterest from many businesses that thrive on a fanbase, word of mouth, and brand fanatics. They are turning an aloof back on social media. Their websites are uninformative or not updated, their blogs nonexistant or impersonal and--running risk of falling out of touch--they sit by bewildered, clutching to their press releases and the same way they did things in 1995. Meanwhile their fanbase will jump ship to more relatable brands (ones with more than a corporate facade) and their competitors will get an edge that they don't see coming. 

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