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Saturday, May 09, 2009

National Stationery Show - Pre-Show New Vendor Question & Answer

Denise asked- 
First timer this year at the show....alot to do....but does anyone have advice on how to handle the shipping cost associated with a sale. Do you just set pricing...Order $25.00- $50.00...shipping fee is $10.00 for example. Any help on this would be so great! Thanks.

My answer- Hi! Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog! Different companies are allowed to handle this differently, however there are some trends that buyers like to see at the show- normally I would add the cost of shipping regular ground (via any carrier) to the invoice BUT during the show I have had success with a "show special" that offers free shipping on orders that meet a minimum order amount (usually between $100-250 dollars depending on the what most of the items cost. It is important not to price out small stores that will be loyal customers and in this economy high minimums are frowned upon b/c it is the one place where people can be flexible. I hope this helps!

Denise replied-
That is great advice...thank you so much. I read your blog every day and it has been a HUGE help to me. I week out..and piecing things together..already finding mistakes in our ideas but the beauty of that is learning you can manage....HOPEFULLY! Do you allow other vendors to visit your booth.....or is that frowned apon. I love looking at all the great things out there and how talented people is amazing. If so..I hope to meet you....know it or are really helping first timers like me....looking for any help...any is great! Thanks, Denise

I am very excited that my postings have been useful. I remember that it was helpful "strangers" that answered a lot of my questions in the beginning. The show process was something I could never have planned for in a vacuum! I love to meet other vendors and I have even had extensive discussions with lines that directly compete with mine about the challenges that our businesses share. However, just as often I encountered unfriendly folks.. like in life, not everyone is into making friends. It is expected that you will never enter another vendor's booth without permission. I usually hover on the outside to start a conversation and see if they seem receptive.
Having long missed Summer Camp, this is a close second with a Science Fair competitiveness about it. Don't miss walking the Licensing show and The Supply Side as well. 

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