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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Reminisce about childhood water toys and water parks

Water slide.
Water slide.,
originally uploaded by Morgan Nichol.

In my last entry I posted a photo of a terrific inflatable water slide I saw in somebody's yard. Therein lives a parent that is super dedicated to childhood fun and spends a whole lotta time filling that thing with air.

Most of all I remember the water parks. Glorious tubes of plastic reaching down from the sky to the concrete jungle below. The aromas of chlorine, sunscreen and over cooked hot dogs filling the air; a sea of red chubby masses and tiny over-stimulated natives in constant motion. Time spent waiting in line to get to the top, eager for a water trip that would last less than a minute, clutching a giant blue foam mat and considering how many more times you will get to slide down the water slide before you have to all cram into the car for the 45 minute trip home.

Wouldn't you know that two of the toys I remember best have since been outed as dangerous!? Both the wonderful Wham-O Fun Fountain with clown face and the nostalgiarific Slip and Slide are on the block.

I have sorta become disinchanted with the slip and slide since I found out how easily it is to break your neck or incur other serious spinal injuries. Read more about it here and here.

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