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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Bowling score maybe not fluke...

So tonight scored high of 98, which for me is pretty gosh darn good. I have not bowled in quite a while, ever since they closed my most frequented bowling alley. I have been apprehensive about trying my luck at one of those bright and clean alleys run by blue haired old ladies with not a speck of rock and roll music to be found or a crappy Ms PacMan game to remind me why I suck at Ms PacMan and why I only play it to see the digitized bow on Ms. PacMan's head... but anyways, I digress. The topic is bowliing. Specifically the new bowling alley I went to tonight. 

The new place is indeed run by a blue haired old lady, but I did find a ball with finger holes small enough for my freakishly small kid hands and one that would not throw off the balance of my fragile upper body strength (or lack thereof). There was also a guy walking around with a microphone and an afro because there was some bowling/gambling game going on simultaneously.

On a side note, while once bowling when I was still living in Atlanta, Georgia, I was actually denied a child size ball by a cranky lady who told me I was too old. I showed her my freakish kid hands, she shamed me further. I bowled a terrible game with a ball that weighed a ton (14lbs) and had giant man holes. Really I am not sure about that last part, but you get the point. So you can see why finding a ball on a busy Saturday night is nice.

I actually have one final thing to say about bowling. In high school I took a recreational Phys Ed class that included bowling. I almost beheaded a kid when the ball flew backwards after it slipped from my hand.

So bowling = fun (but with a little baggage)

But don't get me started on eating after sticking your fingers in shared balls and putting on smelly shoes wet with whatever they spray them with... ew.

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